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Timur Hammond

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Fields of Study

Cultural geography; urban geography; Middle East area studies; qualitative methods; geohumanities


Lieba Faier (chair) 
Michael Curry 
John Agnew 
Susan Slyomovics (external, Anthropology) 
Irene Bierman (external, Art History)


2014 Dissertation Writing Grant (Institute of Turkish Studies) 
2012-13 Dissertation Research Fellowship (Fulbright IIE) 
2011-12 Dissertation Research Fellowship (American Research Institute in Turkey) 
2011 Summer FLAS (Ottoman Turkish) 
2010 Summer FLAS (Turkish) 
2009-2010 FLAS (Turkish) 
2009 Graduate Summer Research Mentorship 
2007-2008 FLAS (Arabic)


My master's thesis focused on Orhan Pamuk's memoir Istanbul: Memories and the City. I was particularly interested in the ways in which Pamuk claims a rooted and local identity; at the same time, I argued that one of Pamuk's central projects in his memoir was to place himself in Istanbul without endorsing a nationalist project. 

My doctoral research will be located in the Istanbul neighborhood of Eyup and study some of the ways in which the neighborhood - or particular sites within the neighborhood - have come to be understood as especially Islamic.


M.A. (2010) University of Los Angeles, California 
B.A. (2005) University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


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Timur Hammond and Elizabeth Angell. 2013. 'Is Everywhere Taksim? Public Space and Possible Publics.'Jadaliyya. Published on-line June 9, 2013. Accessible here

Timur Hammond. 2013. "A Region in Fragments: The Middle East From Istanbul."The Arab World Geographer. Vol. 16, no. 3, p. 125-145. 

Amy Mills and Timur Hammond (submitted and accepted for publication). "The Spatial Turn in Middle East Studies," in Shami, Seteney and Cynthia Miller-Idriss (eds.). Producing Knowledge on World Regions: Middle Eastern Studies in Critical Perspective. In cooperation with the Social Sciences Research Council. Edited volume under review.


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Association of American Geographers, April 2013. Bodies, Tombs, and Touched Things: Eyup and Islamic Assemblages. 
Columbia MESAAS Graduate Conference, February 2011. Towards a Situated Regionalism: Turkey, Europe, and the Near East. 
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Association of American Geographers, April 2010. Representing Istanbul and the 'Problem' of the West - Reading Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul: Memories and the City 
Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, October 2009. 'The Grand Canyon Upside Down': Some Notes on Water and History in Imperial County, California 
Duke-UNC-CH Graduate Islamic Studies Conference, April 2009. The Body in Place: Intersections of Faith, Identity, and Place in the Mughal Atelier